LO-Fi Lager is a Mexican lager–simple but luxurious. A lifestyle beer. Charleston’s top selling lager. 5.0%

LO-FI Blueberry Smooth American wheat made with German malts. A gentle touch of blueberry to finish. 5.2%

LO-Fi Glitter Pony An essential Belgian tripel. A complex modern classic. Fruit. Spice. Deep golden. Deceptively drinkable. 7.5%

LO-Fi Chocolate Deluxe American Stout showing off an abundance of classic malts and loaded with pure Ecuadorian cocoa. No sweeteners. No BS. 6.0%

LO-Fi Festbier  Our favorite German beer style. Velvety malt character. Golden color. One of the finest lagers. Made with floor malted Bohemian pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts. 6.0%

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